Hi, I have recently built a new server and have implemented a simple RAID 1 drive array
using the new Serial ATA hard drive standard hard drives. The controller is an Adaptec 1210SA Raid controller. Officially Adaptec claims that they fully support Suse 8.1 so to my great surprise while I was doing a new install of Suse 8.2 the install was unable to utilize the kernel modules I tried to give it, so the OS would recognize the RAID controller!! Adaptec support made sure that the card and the bios are talking and the RAID was set up correctly, and it has been. I actually have a 50 meg test dos partition that works just fine. So I am wondering if the Suse installer just never utilizes the kernel module I have put on the floppy drive. Does anyone know the correct way to get the Suse installer to see non-standard kernel modules??? I also know that the driver disk has a lot of other stuff in it. Should I try and just throw the .o file on a floppy and see if that works???