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Full Version: Grub Tries To Boot Windows On Wrong Drive
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Windows 98 is installed on the first partition of my primary master.
I recently installed Red Hat 9 on the second partition of the same drive.
My linux swap is on the first partition of my primary slave, followed by various other FAT32 data partions.

I chose GRUB as my boot loader when I installed Red Hat, but something, somewhere went wrong.

Linux boots fine (aside from some hardware problems), but Windows won't start because it can't find himem.sys, etc. and leaves me at the DOS prompt (C:>). C: turns out to be the second partion on my primary slave. All the other data partitions are there with various letters assigned to them, but I have no idea how to access that first disk.

The relevant bit in grub.conf is

title Win 98
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Does anyone have any idea what my problem is? More importantly, how do I fix it?
did you install linux or windows first???

i've had the same problems in the past, i just installed linux first, then windows, and all was well
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