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Full Version: Chain-mounting Of Nfs Drives
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I was curious as to whether the possibility of "chain-mounting" drives under Linux machines is possible.

For example, I have two machines which have large disk space and have directories which are mountable using NFS by other Linux machines. Each computer that wants to access these drives has to edit their /etc/fstab file in order to allow the drive mounting to occur during boot. In a large company (or a company that is growing rapidly), physically editing every fstab on every machine in order to access an NFS share is a pain.
I was curious if it was possible to, what I call, "chain-mount" the drives. This means all Linux machines in the company would be installed, and set up to mount two "gateway" machines automatically via fstab. (There are 2 in case 1 of the machines fails, the connection to the other computers is maintained)
All users in the company can access these "gateway" machines mounted directories as usual. Now here's the trick:

Is it possible to mount a directory within the shared directory of the "gateway" machines? This way, I can add as many new computers to the network, and only have to mount and edit the /etc/fstab files on the two gateway machines, because in theory, any directory under a mounted directory should also be mounted... correct?

I have tried this theory already, and was unable to successfully mount a directory under another remote mount. I know it's difficult to explain, and I apologize because I'm not the best at describing something without drawing a picture of it. biggrin.gif But I figure you guru's shouldn't have a problem understanding what I'm trying to say. smile.gif Thanks in advance!

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