Newbe with SuSe 8.1 Linux Distribution

I need help setting up a DHCP Server and LAN for file sharing with 2 Windows Box's and one another Linux Box with YAST under SuSe 8.1

At the moment I am running Windows Server 2000 set as DHCP Server, A Web Server using third party web server
software (Not the NT 2000 Internet Information Service) to host my web site and finally for file sharing over LAN.

As you know, Windows NT Server 2000 is much easier to setup than Linux as a server and that is why I use NT however, even with a firewall,
I get the nasty NIMBA worm several times. I beleive that Linux will solve this problem and also run much smoother as well.

A list of what I have and how it is set up at the moment:

Gateway GX-450 XL >Set up as a DHCP Server and a Web Server

Operating System: Windows NT 2000 Server

1 D-LINK 530TX+ Ethernet cards (Static IP) Cable Internet Access
1 D-LINK 530TX+ Ethernet cards (DHCP) LAN and Internet Gateway and file sharing for another Linux Box and 2 other Windows Box's through a

I won't go into details of Workgroup, Domain, Host Name, and IP address's assigned at this point. I just want to know how to get linux
setup just like what I have now. I would appreciate any help ...

Thank you