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Full Version: Usr33.3 Modem Help Needed
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I've got a US Robotics 33.3 Sportser modem connected to /dev/ttyS0. At the shell prompt I type: echo "ATDT5554321" > /dev/modemttyS0.

I hear the clicking noise and the modem "picks up the line" and the Send Data and Terminal Ready lights flash once. But that's it.

Any ideas as to why the whole process just "dies?"

Well, the problem is stil there, but I tried working with another modem and have a bit more information that might tip off someone to help me get pointed in the right direction.

I swapped out the USR33.3 with an older (if not ancient) US Robotics Courier 2400e modem. It's got a few more indicator lights on the front so in theory I'll have a better idea what the modem's trying to do to trouble shoot with.

MR and CS are lit, meaning the modem ready and it's clear to send.

I type echo "atd5554321" > /dev/ttyS0 and RD, SD, TR and RS all flash once: Received Data, Sent Data, Terminal Ready and Request to Send.

For the heck of it I tried sending a null command to the modem with echo > /dev/ttyS0 and got the same results.

Any ideas?

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