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I have recently been donated an old Pentium-2 with 16 megs of RAM. Can anyone suggest a good distrobution of Linux for this computer? Keep in mind that I am an intermediate user, and I want to have a decent GUI. I've seen tons of so-called "lightweight" distros, and I'm not convinced. Thanks.
RAM is cheap... upgrade that and you shouldn't have too much drama with something like Red-Hat (just don't install too many bells and whistles). If it is old 72 pin ram then try e-bay or something like that.

Of course you could then try recompiling the kernel and other tweaks... lots of stuff to keep you busy!
I would go with a ram upgrade and a stripped down install of any one of the major distributions. Then run window maker as the window manager.
College Linux runs fine
on a Pen MMX machine with 32 M of RAM.
The guy who gave me that also gave me a top-of-the-line laptop with an Intel 80386 processor and a VGA monitor . Do you think I'll have to upgrade it to run Half-Life 2?
Laptops are harder and cost more to upgrade then desktops. And you are stuck with VGA for video resolution.

I would say probably not.
The laptop would have limited uses... perhaps as a firewall? At least it comes with it's own UPS!
OK . . . that was a joke, you guys! Though I actually do own that laptop, the 386 processor is about 12 years old. Its speed is 1800 (I'm not sure what the unit of measure is, though). The laptop runs text-based games very well, as well as the Wolfenstein 3d demo. MS-DOS 6.22 also still imposes the 640k memory limit, so I'm not too hopeful about running state-of-the-art games. Also, when this laptop was made (1992), they didn't know how to make colour LCDs for laptops. So I have VGA resolution, but it has a stunning total of four shades of gray (and black, and white).

About the firewall: I would have to spend over two hundred dollers buying two type 1 or 2 network cards for a laptop, to serve as a firewall. So, no.

So, essentially what I'm trying to say is: I hope that they make an ASCII version of HL2. tongue.gif
LOL... I missed that one! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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