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Full Version: Shockwave Plugin/flash Help
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First of all I must confess to being a bit of a newbie,.

I am having problems viewing some web pages as it says I need application/X-shockwave-flash plugin. I am using mozilla as my browser, I was using netscape, but it kept on crashing on me when I looked at some pages. Probably for the same reason.

Also I am using X chat that comes bundled with redhat 9, I am trying to set it up so that q auths me and I join my channel when I connect. I cant even find how to switch the time stamp on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if these are really trivial, but I aint got a clue.

First off, flash:

You need to download the flash plugin from macromedia here. As root, untar the file, and either read the README file, or you can just copy the files to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins . Restart your browser, and test it with because that site rocks.

As for xchat, it depends on what version you are running. XChat 1.x you can go into the File menu and server list. Go to the server that you use the most (let's say EFNet), click on that and go to "Edit". From there you can set what nickname to use on that server, weather it should autoconnect on startup and what channel to join when it connects. When you enter all that in, save it and connect. For the latest XChat 2.x, there's a little different method, so you should poke around till you find it, but it is there. I'm writing all of this from memory because XChat is on my home box.

For Timestamp, there is an option in the preferences for that, it's in one of the first couple of sections, but it asks you if you want to timestamp all text, and what the format should be [%H:%m:%s], etc.

Hope this helps.
I guess this is kinda irrelevant, because Flash is MIME type application/X-shockwave-flash, while Director Shockwave is application/X-director-shockwave, but Director Shockwave plugin hasn't been ported to Linux yet, so don't go searching for a Shockwave plugin for flash.
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