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Full Version: Kernel Dissappeared
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I have a P4 with 40 GB which had 3 partitions. One containing the Windows XP ( FAT 32 ), other a NTFS and the third with Linux Red hat 7.3 installed on it.

Linux was running fine till now. But one day I repartitioned my drive containing XP ( using Partition Magic 7.0 ). After that whenever I try to start Linux the following message comes :

"Kernel Panic : No init found. Try passing init=option to kernel"

I didnt know what to do so i tried re installing Linux but couldnt do as the following message came after which the system rebooted :

" Unable to allign the partition properly. It can be due to incorrect partition table. The BIOS geometry seems to be incorrect."

The rescue floppy created by Partition Magic is also not working well probably due to bad sectors.

Is there anything except formatting the whole hard disk that i can do.

What it looks like to me is PM screwed up your partition and didn't correctly imput the new partition to the table. Therefore the only thing it seams to me that you 'could' do is redo that partition. ie. delete, format, readd and then install linux AGAIN. I've been on ALOT of forums the past few days and I seen a couple entitled "PM screwed up my linux system" or equivilants of that nature. Personally I use fdisk, hasn't even screwed my table up before. And oh yeah, it's FREE!! heh. Seams like your best bet to me. I mean if your partition table IS screwed not much as you can really do. But if that error comes up but means something other than what it says, then someone may have had it and will come in here and correct me. Hope this helps. Good luck!
QUOTE (LinuxHatesMe @ Jun 26 2003, 01:34 PM)
Personally I use fdisk, hasn't even screwed my table up before. And oh yeah, it's FREE!! heh.

Does fdisk support resizing existing partitions? I thought you could only create/delete with fdisk and not actually resize live partitions with data on it.
I would say you are pretty much screwed if you cant get a rescue disk to work etc. It sounds like you moved around your partitions and perhaps your root partition with the kernel was moved (ie from hda6 to hda7 etc). Try using the red hat linux cd and going into rescue mode.
If you are going to reinstall Linux then the I would delete and re-add the partition. Not sure what the problem is with PM, I have been using it for years and years to resize my partitions, and only once had it screw up (PM8 - and fortunately I 1) take backups and 2) it was my windows temp partition). I suspect that since PM6 the reliablility of PM has been deteriorating as more and more new features are added (PM6 never screwed up on me), if you don't use EXT3 then try PM6. (the licence codes are pretty much the same, just change PM7 to PM6 and it should install). I guess with anything like this there is always the potential for problems!

NB I normally try to avoid re-ordering partitons, but I have done it on some and /etc/fstab seems to keep up to speed on what is going on. I don't do it (since I try to be very very careful) but it probably would help if your partitions are defined in fstab with LABEL rather than partition numbers.
what the real prob is that the installation isn't working too. it sas that your disk seems to be corrupted and it cant continue.

i think i'll have to format the whole disk.

btw does fdisk allow resizing the existing partitions awa merging etc.


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Can you use PM to delete the linux partition and recreate it? The process of doing this may cause PM to correct the corruption. It's gotta be better than rebooting windows 100 times during the process of re-installing and applying all relevant patches!
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