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Full Version: Building Own Computer: Amd Or Intel?
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Hey all, I am pretty good with computers, yet somewhat of a nooby to Linux...I have decided to build my own Linux Computer, a heavy weight (PowerHouse/Gaming Machine, Etc.) I have the money-that is not really a problem. But I need help with something, what should I pick for my CPU? AMD or Intel? Please take into account reliability, motherboard stuff, future potential, compatibility...cost is a very low priority, I am more concerned about performance and I have the $$$ so cost not a factor, except for long term cost....which ties into reliability.
I'd say if $ is no problem go with Intel. I normally go with AMD, but I'm pretty much broke. sad.gif You wanna send some of that money my way. biggrin.gif
They both work off the x86, so horray! Yeah I am getting an Asus MB that allows for HT and the 3.0Ghz Intel that allows for HT....but man I have to work for this computer, I have varioius summer jobs, and I have decided to put off getting a car just for this baby...but I am dedicated and it is something I want to do. Alright, for Linux, can I just get any Chipset? I had some trouble installing Linux on an old box, it was in v86 so RedHat kept bitching at me...will I have problems installing Linux on the x86? Or should I just be able to boot from disk and start a fresh install?

Thanks again for your help, and I hope they start making more programs that take advantage of HT technology....
I'm running Mandrake on x86 with very little problems. As for chipset, you should be fine as long as it's been around for a little while. But I don't know if there will be support for HT in linux any time soon (then again there's only a couple of programs that support it now). But I'm fairly new to Linux, so there may be some things I don't know. wink.gif In any case, you should be fine, but I would still do a search on google for problems with that board/cpu and 'nix.
Personally I am an AMD fan... I have been using them since my 386DX40 machine, and my old K6 server ran like a dream on it's little UPS. My XP1600+ with Asus motherboard is also sweet, and neither have ever had any troubles with Red Hat Linux. Stay clear of internal modems and on-board graphics and network stuff unless you want a challenge!

However, all that said, Intel is reliable and they don't use it in main stream servers because it is cheap!

The real difference in the end is the AMD CPUs run hotter and therefore need more cooling, therefore more fan noise... that may end up being your primary consideration.

Oh, and buy lots of quality (eg Hyundai) RAM. blink.gif
AMD gives you more power per dollar, but not as much possible power. Intel charges a lot more, but gives you more power. Money is the issue. If you choose AMD, wait till Hammer comes out in September. In fact, there is debate about the performance of AMD's Hammer versus that of the P-4. If you can't wait, go for a P-4.

Personally, I wouldn't go with either. I am building a processor in my backyard. It is 2 storeys high, but I have got it to .2 MHz. Cool!
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