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Full Version: Couple Of Weird Problems
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I've only been using linux for a couple of weeks, but I'm really starting to like most of it. One of my main problems is lag when running Mozilla and severe lag when running Tuxracer. My machine isn't a beast, but it's by no means slow. Is there some kind of settings I'm missing (like how do you make sure DMA is enabled?). My second problem is my burner, it shows up a scsi, which it's not. I also can't remove a cd unless I'm trying to install something from disc or restrarting (this is not a problem with my regular cd rom, which is set as the burner's slave). Often times I can't install rpms from the second or third disk without restarting first. Here's my specs.:

Pc chips M920lr board (gonna change soon)
Celeron 1.8
Maxtor Fireball 4500rpm (needs to change soon)
DRT 24x10x40
52x Cd rom
GeForce2 MX400 64mb
Soundblaster Live! 5.1
XP Home/MDK 9.1 Dual-boot

I like mandrake, just a little aggrivating when I can't figure something out for myself (like I can usually do with Win.). wink.gif
Thank You
Oops, forgot to mention RAM. 512 MB PC 2700, so I should be good there too.
when using a burner in linux it is detected as a scsi device...this is the norm...even though its an ide device...

can you open a terminal window and as root
type umount /mnt/cdrom <- not sure if its cdrom or whatever...since its a burner..because a normal cdrom is listed like this
then you should just be able to type eject /mnt/cdrom
or just push the eject button ....?
Thanks for the reply. With the burner, that's the wierd thing. Even if I hit the eject button on the burner, it won't eject. It's like something is keeping the disc spinning, so it won't eject. At first on thought it was the burner, but I have no problems with it in xp. I'll try the command line when it happens again and see if that works. If not, it'll just be something small to get used to. smile.gif
Thank You
I had these same questions and you've answered one, thank you. But what about the severe lag in tuxracer? Any ideas on that? Also have a strange problems with the display. I get the following error after I've started x server and i'm almost 3 minutes into a session.

The specified display number was busy, so this server was started on display :1

Weird, eh? Oh, FYI, I'm running a P4 2.4, WD80 HDD, 512 PC2700 DDR, Asus V9280 128MB Video. So it's just can't be related to the system, can it?

Thanks in advance.
tuxracer and say chromium needs opengl support.
the chances are that ur video driver doesn't support it.....
Make sure no applications are actively accessing the CD drive. Like Konqueror is open to the CDROM directory.

Try disabling supermount. See man pages on supermount for details. Supermount lets you access removable media with out explicitly using the mount / umount commands but on certain PC's it just doesn't work right.
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