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Full Version: Chmod Problems...
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After messing around with help files and commands and after trying to cd to this /mnt/win_d partition in command prompt and getting permission denied I came to the conclusion that perhaps my permissions aren't correct. ls -l in the mount folder shows me that it gives the group and other users read access. So I su into root and do chmod 775 /dev/hda5/ where hda5 is the device for the windows partition I'm trying to access. After doing this and doing ls -l again in the /mnt folder I find that it didn't change these permissions. Hrm... am I doing something wrong? Am I forgetting to do something? Or perhaps these changes aren't immediate unless I perform anotehr command afterwards? Even so, why am I getting permission denied EVEN THOUGH all users should have read access, at least?!
Can you mount it as root?
i have this problem with my external zip disk
i mount it under /mnt as zip250.0

the permissions are root:root rwxr_xr_x i think...not in front of my server at this moment....

for some reason i tried to change permissions to 0700 but it wont let me...i dont understand why it does this
im even root while trying to change the permissions
might be a fstab thing..might not...

but if you are trying to mount your windows partitions and its ntfs...
you have to patch the kernel to add ntfs i dont think it will allow you to change
the permissions to write to the directory because it is rather DANGEROUS to write to a ntfs
partition while in linux....
My machine auto mounts them.. I can su into root and access them NO problem. But when I exit out and login as my user he can't do diddly squat. Makes no sense why chmod doesn't work AS root. I tried adding ALL permissions to this directory just for the hell of it and they still didn't change for shit. No my system is fat32 ONLY. I refuse to use ntfs file systems.
chmod does not work with vfat partitions.

To allow users to read / write vfat partitions in linux change your /etc/fstab file

/dev/hda5 /mnt/???? vfat user,umask=000 0 0

For zip since you do not want to mount on boot

/dev/sda4 /mnt/???? vfat noauto,user, umask=000 0 0

Change /mnt/???? to match your mount points.

See man pages for mount & fstab for additional help with options.

BTW here are two sites that you can search for addition help with your problems
Stupid chmod.. it made me think I was going crazy. For a time I had thought perhaps I wasn't typing it wrong and had retyped it over and over. Thanx for informing me of chmod and vfat conflictions. I'll look into that and hopefully get it working.
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