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Full Version: Cant Install Any Rpm's...
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ive been messing around with rh9 for a few months now, and ive always had this problem with rpm's. they never want to install or install right. i think out of the many ive tried, only one rpm has actually installed correctly.

the thing that i have to do when i want to install something now is to compile it from its tarball.

me and an associate, have concluded that i should reinstall rh9, is this the only thing that can fix this?

the problem may have occured when i had to install rh9 from only the first two discs, as the third always failed its "being able to work" test when you first install linux. i had to install about seven times, guessing and checking what packages i could install without using the third disc.

any suggestions?

could i possibly install what i could be missing (that makes rpm's not install/work) from a disc 3 that actually works? who knows?!
what errors do you receive when you go to install the rpms? Have you attempted to install an rpm from the command line with "rpm -Uvh filename.rpm" ?
i get no error, on either methods (double-clicking or rpm -ivh /path/file.rpm)

thread on a problem like mind.

my problem posted at
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