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Full Version: Convert To Pdf; Php/mysql; File Assoc
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01. I have rh 8. Is there any package on this distribution
that can help me convert my files to pdf format ..?
If yes, how?
[ I have all 3 CDs of rh 8]

02. I don't have a net conection. I am trying to learn PHP/MySQL
from an ebook. Can I configure my system to run PHP/MySQL
without connecting to the internet?

03. Sometimes to open a particular filetype which has yet not been
associated with any application, the 'Open With' dialog opens.
But I don't in which folder are the applications (like in
windows it is usually C:program files) located [ so that I can
associate the filtype with an application].
i know in rh9, there is a pdf reader on the maybe that can convert them to pdf too?

from your x window shell...i believe you go to add/remove new applications or something, and you find it, check it, and push update. that will prompt you to put in whatever no. install cd you need to install it.
01. Don't know

02. You should be able to do this without an internet connection. Just install apache (w/php support) and mysql. Linux acts as a network even if it's not on a network, so, there shouldn't be a problem there. The services will just use "localhost" for a binding hostname.

03. The "standard" locations for binary files (executable files) is /bin, /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin . System binaries can be found in /sbin, /usr/sbin and /usr/local/sbin. The easiest way to get a list of where your programs are located to is to open up xterm and type in "echo $PATH". This will display the contents of your PATH environmental variable which is where the system looks for executable files when you try to run it.

The thing you need to know about linux is that a typical program doesn't reside in one directory. For example, in Windows, if you install program "foo". You will find all configuration, executables, help files and dll's in c:/Program Files/foo (i know, the slashes are wrong, the forum won't let me type it right). Linux is a bit different, if you installed a program named "foo" in linux, chances are it'll look more like:

/etc -> program settings
/usr/local/bin -> the foo executable
/usr/local/share -> different parts of the program like media files, etc.

It may seem to be very confusing at first, but it's really not, it makes everything much more organized.
There are several programs that convert files to pdf.

Here are two common apps, text2pdf and ps2pdf. text 2pdf converts a text file and ps2pdf converts a postscript file. It may or may not be installed depending on the packages you selected. You can use RH GUI package installer to install them.
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