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Full Version: One Step Closer To Gtk, Hooah
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Ok I finally was able to determine that pango was missing a devel package that I installed from mandrakes package installer. After doing this, those pango ./configure errors vanished and I was able to install it. Now on to the last dependancy.. YES!!!!... atk 1.2

./configure - Seams fine I get no errors
make - same thing, no errors
make check - I always do this to double check... oddly, it doesn't say any tests fail OR pass. Also seams short and incomplete in a way. Moving on.
make install - Seams quick, short lived and odd. "was that it?" I guess so, so I move on.

Ok now I goto install gtk 2.2 MY GOAL, because finally it seams I have all the dependancy problems filled. So I goto ./configure and what do I say... my favorite error message BUT this time it says atk 1.2 isn't installed. OMG. No errors or nothing just a seamingly short install and it doesn't work. I tried redownloading but nope. Any clues guys? I'm really stuck now because at least before I was getting error messages.
Mayne gtk is looking in the wrong place for your atk install.

Run make install on atk again, and observe where it is installing it to. Run ldconfig as root.

In the gtk source directory, run "./configure --help" and have a look at command line options for atk, sometimes you are able to explicitly set the location of several configure options, do this. By rights, it should work automatically, but sometimes you just have th epoint the script in the right direction.
Sounds simple enough, and I appreciate a very informitive response. Only one problem. Where SHOULD it be installing atk to? And why? I'm gonna check where it's installing it too via that command and check the help file a bit more thouroughly. Thanx.
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