So I tried installing 15.10 from a bootable USB. I'm actually using it right now to post this. I left the partition slider on the default setting. The installation failed. I did a check of the USB stick and the check finished with 3 errors. I rebooted with Windows 10, everything is fine, except for now I have 300 gigs of my 1TB HD partitioned for Xubuntu, which won't work unless I boot from the USB stick. I'm sure I could just delete the 300GB partition? But I do still want to get Xubuntu installed alongside Windows 10. Not really sure what to do. If it helps at all, when I open the drive volume from the desktop in Xunbuntu, it shows all the files for Xunbuntu, but has X's on the initrd.img, vmlinuz, and root folder icons. Any help would be greatly appreciated!