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I need help on a project that I am trying to do for class. I just can't seem get it, everything that I'm doing errors out. I know that I need to use a loop of some kind and that I need to ls | wc -l, but no matter what I try I can't get it to work ... sad.gif please help if you can.


1. Script should accept a folder name as an argument.
2. The script should determine the number of files in the folder given as an argument in #1
3. Further, the script should only list the first half of the files( so if there are 6 files, only have it list the first 3)
4. When listing the file names, they should be in the following structure.

"1- this file "x1" is in the top half of the folder list"
"2- this file "x2" is in the top half of the folder list"

note- "x1" and "x2" represent the file names

5. Also, the program should show the number of files in folder before listing the files.


We will help but do not expect others to do your assignments. So post what you have written so far.
Alright, it's a mess... so here it goes. We had about a 5 minute lesson before the assignment is given out and this is what I have gotten. Please don't get my intentions wrong, I've been researching online and trying this for a few hours now... This is an intro to linux class and it's only been a few weeks.

Unsure of how to pass the file name into it either

#! /bin/bash

echo "the number of files in this folder is" ls | wc -l

count='ls | wc -l' (which doesn't work)
index= (count/2)

while [ $count -lt $index ]; do
echo" $index- This file is in the top half of the folder list"
index=$(( $index + 1))
In a nutshell command line arguments are $1...$9, $[10]....

./myprog test test1 test2

$1=test, $2=test2 etc.

Lots more info on command line arguments on the internet.

double quote ("), single quote(') and backtick (`) i.e. the key to the left of the one on US keyboards are different. To run a command you need to use the backtick vs single quote. Hwever, the perfered programming technique is to use the $() i.e.

count=$( ls | wc -l ) vs count=`ls | wc -l`

spaces are very import in bash. Lots of good infomation on bash math can be found on the internet too.

index= (count/2)
index=$(( $index + 1))

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