Hi to all!
There are a few things I would like to ask.

1.) Is there a possible way of viewing what programs are installed using the command line interface ?

2.) How do I uninstall programs... programs that were installed using rpm packages . What names do I type for the program...is it the original rpm package name .... is there a way of finding it out from the terminal?

3.) I have tried to install the synaptic , the graphical interface for apt get but i think either the installation was unsuccesful or the files are now corrupt and hence I am unable to run synaptic now. When I try to run it , I get the following message :

"could not open RPM package list file /var/state/apt/lists/apt.freshrpms.net_redhat_8.0_en_i386_base_pkglist.os: (no error)

Problem opening /var/state/apt/lists/apt.freshrpms.net_redhat_8.0_en_i386_base_pkglist.os

The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong ? How do I go about fixing it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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