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Full Version: installation disc files?
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Apologies, this is a very basic question...
I have downloaded and mounted a Linux ISO (Mint 13 Maya Xfce) to create an installation DVD. The folders/file in the raw image are:


This is not being read by my DVD drive when booting, and the BIOS boot order settings appear correct. Should there be an autorun.inf file or something else for the disc to initiate the installation? Thanks for any advice
Most CD/DVD burning software have an option to "create from image" You need to select this option to create a bootable disk.

By mounting the image first, you copy the files but remove the boot loader.
Okay, I don't quite understand why the mounted image wouldn't already have the necessary files to make the disc bootable, but I'll read a guide on this process using IMGBurn.

Many Thanks for your reply :-)
Still having trouble. The file/s that appear to be required to run the preview/installation of Linux (isolinux.bin and/or are in the [isolinux] folder. To be detected, shouldn't they be in the root directory?
Still having trouble does not provide us with any useful information. What happened?

What was the source where you downloaded the image?

You might want to try using the current version i.e 16.
QUOTE (michaelk @ Mar 24 2014, 05:18 AM) *
Still having trouble does not provide us with any useful information.

On the contrary, I already provided all relevant information in my opening post. Are there files missing from what should be an installation disc, and if so which ones?

If you don't know, fair enough. I'll seek a solution elsewhere.
Not in my opinion. You never stated "I created a DVD using the 'Create from image' and it still will not boot."

So I would like to know where you download the ISO image from and its name. There are many many mirrors and I could not possibly say that one particular ISO file is or isn't missing something.
Is it the correct one for your system i.e. 64 vs 32 bit
Did you check the md5sum to verify the integrity of the downloaded file.

In addition you really should run the current version i.e. 16.

Here is the documentation
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