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Full Version: Disk/processor Oscillating On Idle
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I am running RH 9.0.
I know very little about linux, but was able to install Manhattan, a web based learning management system on it.

I don't believe my problem is with Manhattan.

About every 5 seconds there is disk activity. Using System Monitor, I can see that the processor oscillates in a regular pattern from about 6% utilization to about 12% utilization every 5 seconds. This occurs when there is absolutely nothing for the OS do do.

Looking at the list of processes running there is a process name that is simply called "X" It has a floppy disk icon next to it. This process appears to be using cpu time and is fluxuating (approx. 5-6%). The process details shows this process is sleeping, its priority is normal (nice 0).

The gnome system monitor process is using 30-31% and also fluxuating.

How do I stop this extraneous activity? I have checked with a system admin using Linux. It is not normal for there to be disk/processor activity when there is nothing for Linux (or Manhattan) to do.

Hiya tbirch

I don't know what the problem is, but I can tell you what X is if you would like.

X is a programme that has graphics processing, it saves graphics coding for programmes to use. So a programme will say put <foo graphics> in X and X will display the graphics.

Having said this, something just popped into my head, I don't use RH (or any linux based stuff yet . . . long story) but if you have your graphics set to "software rendered" instead of "hardware rendered" i.e. the proc doing all the processing for the graphics card instead of the g'card doing the processing for the graphics. Have it done by the main PC Proc instead of the graphic's chip will get slightly better results for graphics and may suggest you proc usage going up.

Is there anything that you mite have done i.e. selected software rendered graphics?

Thanks, Jay-Jay.
No, I don't think I made any graphics settings. There is also a process called python that seems to be oscillating between 0 and 1% cpu useage.
Sorry then, thats my best guess and as i don't have a distro running at the moment I have no idea. Have a look and see if you can find an option for software rendering and make sure it's off.

Otherwise I can't really help you, but i'm sure that others can!

If you use a fancy deskstop manager, then X will take up more cpu time. Don't worry. Linux is very good as managing resouces when you multitask. You may want to experiement with a desktop that has very look overhead like windowmaker.
Hay tbirch,

how you getting on? Have you found a solution yet??

I'll be settin' up a paq's page her when I get back from my summer holiday, so any more info would be greatly appreciated!

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