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Full Version: I'm Clueless
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Hey, Im not sure where to put this topic, but once I figure this thing out, It will just go away anyway.
So some background, i won some laptop from a school contest, It came with no instructions, I have no idea what kind it is, It came with 2 cd's. One said "ThizLinux" for desknote version 7.0 and the other one simply says supporting utility ver. 3.0. I started it and put in the linux one, it loaded.
I dont think I really like this Linux thing, as I'm used to windows, I try to uninstall it, but when I go to the the uninstall area, and ask it to, it ignores me. So i thought ok, I can live with this, but I cannot figure out how to install this other 'supporting utility' cd. I put it in and click on the cdrom icon on the desktop, and it opens this konqueror thing, so i click setup.exe, and nothing happens, well the disk is spinning around, but it stops after a while. Normally I would look this kind of stuff up in a manual, but I didnt get one. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Do you really need the supporting utilities? Can you connect to tne web? Can you do what you want to do without the supporting utilities?
If it doesn't come with a manual and you want to try linux, it is best install another version.
Personally, I like College Linux ( and Mandrake Linux
( You can download them for free. Installation is easy. (If nothing works, heaven forbids, you can always unstall windows.)
yeah, all I really want to do is watch movies, and the supporting utilities has the program for that. I can't get on the internet with my laptop, im using another computer now, so i dont kow if i can download another version. but i cant seem to uninstall linux, so i can install windows. Thanks for answering though.
You don't 'HAVE' to uninstal linux to install windows. i mean if thats what you want to do. I mean if it's termal and you really want to get rid of Linux completely and move backwards to windows then I suggest that you reformat the laptop and put in your windows boot CD in and run like that, Win98se is a boot disk . . . i guess some of the others must be as well.

Lucky you for winning the laptop in the first place though!

One more thing: *.exe files are DOS and Windows executable files. To get them to run under Linux, you would need a DOS or Windows emulator, or something along those lines.
determine the manufacturer of your hard drive and obtain their zero-write utility. Zero write the drive, then use a copy of fdisk or cfdisk to establish a windows bootable partition. Format the partition and then install windows.

You really should consider trying different distributions of Linux, though ( I use Windows also and Linux took some getting used to just because it's different. But I've learned so much while using Linux... plus, mostly Linux software is free and I'm cheap smile.gif Microsoft is wwaayyyy overpriced.

Best of luck in whatever you decide.
If you are new to Linux then you should probably try a distribution that has a good install program. I am biased towards Red-Hat because it is easy to get and seems to work well for me, but I haven't tried the rest. Alternatively you could run fdisk and delete all of your partitions (I don't see why you would need to do any sort of low level format or zero fill) and then pop in a windows install cd (assuming you choose a fairly late model and obese version of windows) and let it do it's thing.

You will probably hear this a lot but while Micro$oft stuff is easy to install, Linux gives you far greater control and stability... what you want is your preference really.
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