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Full Version: Any tips for installing Suse 12.3 in a Compaq CQ58 with Win8?
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The wife has a new laptop. An entry-level Compaq CQ58 - 306SA

Unfortunately it's come with standard Win8 and she's approaching a nervous breakdown, as she struggles with the arcane and counter-intuitive interface that is Win8. Having just failed to recognise an HP Officejet printer ( despite following the work-arounds recommended by HP) I have concluded that Win 8 will be as big a success for Microsoft as was Vista.
The obvious solution is to load a workable OS.

There is the slight problem of installing Linux in Win8 which has secure boot and UEFI.

As I understand it Suse12.3 does have experimental support for secure boot, but that will not be standard until 13.1 comes out.

Would you run the risk of putting the 12.3 DVD into the reader and starting up the Compaq with <Cntrl> pressed and booting from the DVD to install Linux - or wait for 13 to come out?

She can always fall back on her archiac Asus running Win XP.
I am not familiar with Compaq but you should be able to turn off UEFI and smartboot which would allow you to install linux. I have not had the joy of trying to install linux on a windows 8 PC yet so I can say what problems you might encounter.

Another alternative would be to run SuSE from an external drive.
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