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Full Version: Running A Game Do I Do It.....
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Hi all, smile.gif

I am hoping to run a small game server on the net.
I have the connection and the hardware but am wondering what flavour of linux I should use.

I get the impression its going to be between Mandrake and Redhat.

What your opinions?
I only want to run it as a game server, but would like a gui desktop as I am a novice....(slighty higher than a n00b).
It will be plugged into a netgear web safe router but I would also like a firewall installed locally.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I'm running a game server, Urban Terror (Quake 3 engine), off of my linux box which is running a Debian 3.0 installation. The server is a standalone server though, I do not have a monitor, keyboard or mouse hooked up. I run everything remotly (even though it is next to my main computer). I find using Debian allows me to keep the system up-to-date with the latest security updates with ease. Outside of that, I run a ssh server for remote access and Webmin for a graphical frontend to the system.

Other then a game server, the system acts as a router, mail server, web server, dns server, ftp server, etc.

Debian is available at
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