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Full Version: Major N00b
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I am a nooby to linux and i no next to nothing about linux but i want to learn and to have a linux compuer . Curently i have a iMac running at 500mhz , 640 megs of ram , a 20 gig hd and Mac OS 10.2. I hate microsoft and i want to learn linux as a learning think and for fun and for the sack of it.
My first Question is what is a good learning linux i am thinking of mandrake or yellow dog
My second Question is what tec specs re recomended for linux i was thinking of geting a second hand pentiem computer or should i just use my mac or get a second hand mac.
Bye the way i live in Sydney Australia and am 14 and can not code past apple script if that maters.
I only no a couple of terminal commands that i use in Mac OS X Like man, apropos, top, kill, ping and i no how to boot in to single user mode and use fsck to cheak my disk and how to update my prebinding ( sudo update_pebinding -root).
Well, it sounds like you got the basics down. Using the command linux in OSX will definitly give you an advantage to users coming from the Microsoft Windows world. You already know a few of the very basic commands, as well as the idea on how the commands are executed.

It's a matter of choice if you want to use your iMac or a second hand pentium machine for your installation. There is much more availability of Distributions for an x86 computer (pentium) then there are for the PPC (iMac) computers, however, that doesn't mean too much.

A friend of mine uses an imac, and he liked Yellow Dog a lot. It all comes down to matter of preference. If you got a bit of cash lying around, grab a second hand x86 computer and play around with that.

Depending on what distribution you use, the nessesary specs will vary. For a distribution like SuSE, Redhat or Mandrake, you will probably need 64 mb of ram or more for comfortable computing, as well as a PII or higher. Other distributions like Debian or Slackware will run on a 386 if you want it to. It may not by flashy and user-friendly, but it will work. My lower end system at home is an Intel Celeron 300, and that runs Debian 3.0 nicely.
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