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Full Version: "windows" Hard Drive Rescue
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Hello all.

I am VERY new as in just born to linux. I thought, considering Linux is the leanest and most stable OS on earth that it would save my life.

Also - my brother, a programmer who works exclusively in Linux, thought this might be possible. (but not the best 'tech troubleshooter")

Here's the prob:

My win98 SE went down like the titanic (as usual). The OS (no matter what scandisk thing I did) will no longer boot. HOWEVER DOS can list the dir on the HD and scandisk can see and work with it - although it runs MUCH MUCH slower.

ALSO - I was able to get 'safe mode' up but when i would touch the HD safe mode frezzes.

SO - I thought Linux could pull the drive up and I could grab some important files off the drive. I installed Red Hat on a working, older, computer successfully. When good drive is in all is fine.

BUT - when I stick in the 2nd (crap drive) - So far, when the Linux startup reaches the drive during the 'partition check" it stops in it's tracks.

BTW - i have the drive on a seperate (2nd) IDE port on the motherboard. It is set to "master" (should be right)

any thoughts? If it's uber-tech I can pass your answer to my bro.

thank you all so very much
Partition check?

Does the computer get past the power on tests and does it actualy start linux with the crap drive installed?

It appears that you didn't have the crap drive installed when you installed linux so did RH recgonized that a new drive was installed and tried to configure the system?

The hard drive might be toast.
I am not positive but it may worth a try. Have you heard of a live linux cd called knoppix.
You just put it in your cdrom and you can use linux on the fly. (Nothing is installed on you hard drive.) It may be able to see your files and give you a way (like copying them on a cd)
to save them.
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