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Full Version: Software Problem
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Hi I have Mandrake 9.1 distro. Everything was working fine until I attempted to load & run Myth. When I enter my command in the console I get

BUG! (Segmentation Fault) Going down hard...

This is frustrating. I wanted to try a native port game and now it won't work. Any suggestions would be great.
BTW I did a full install witout glide support I only have orig video card.

My computer
HP Vectra 310
P3 950 mhz
384 meg ram
20 GB hard drive
dual boot Win98/Mandrake 9.1

A seg fault is usually difficult to track unless the author of the binary compiled it with debugging symbols. And, unless you're a programmer, debugging will mean gibberish to you (like it does to me). The best thing you can do, is report the seg fault to the author, i really don't think there is anything else you can do.
Bummer. Would that mean a problem with the software I purchased, if so I'm SOL because it's Loki Software. Is there anywhere where I can get any help on resolving this? Thanks
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