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Full Version: Major Newb. Dual Boot Problem
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I'm really new to linux, in fact my only exposure is Knoppix. But I decided I want an actual installation and I've read Mandrake is the easiest to install/use, which is what I want for now. I want to have a dual boot with xp, which is already installed using ntfs. Mandrake has a ntfs resizer, but xp won't give up the space. I defrag'd my drive but not everything moved to the front of the disk.

I have a 20gig drive, and xp takes about 7gigs, and most of that is at the front of the drive. But for whatever reason xp leaves a small chunk of files near the end of the drive that won't move. When I run the mdk installer, and run ntfsresizer, I can only get about 800 mbs free space for the new partition. I thought about using Partition Magic, but I don't think It can do anything about the files either. On a side note, does mdk take care of the boot loader, or is there something else I have to do?

Sorry about the long post. If anyone can help me out with this and maybe even give me some tips on the install, that would be great. XP is probably the last M$ product I'm going to use, so I want to try other OS's. smile.gif

I had the exact same problem, the only way I could fix it was reinstalling windows XP on a clean, unpartitioned hard drive then using the mandrake install's "install on windows partition" option, now it seems to work.
Thanks for the reply. I actually just figured out a couple of hours ago. smile.gif I used Partition Magic and it seemed to have no problems moving those files at the end of the drive. Now I just have to figure out why I get tons of package errors while installing. sad.gif

Thank You
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