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Full Version: Newbe To Linux Keyboard & How To Use'em
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Hi Ya, smile.gif
want to know bout the Linux keyboard [pix would be a bonus, can't find one so far] So anywaz, my employer uses linux and becuz of my limited time to check out my attendance points, i don't understand how to "DELETE" or undo something i messed up. [ ie.Date of birth, month=2#s, date=2#s, BUT year=4#'s]
Or when i mess up my clock # cuz some people have 3 #'s and some people have 5 #'s. Then i find out, if you hit the "ENTER"
within the letters side of keyboard, it don't work, BUT if you hit
the "ENTER" on the #'s side of the keyboard it works. ????
Please send help, Leo never talks bout this type of stuff on the show as far as i no?.........mouse
I'm a bit confused as to what you actually are asking.

# is used in your config files to comment out a line so
# foo is the same as # different foo in the sense that it won't load something up.

What are you trying to delete and where?

For example "rm <filename>" will delete filename in a comand line.

If your editing a file with a specific editor e.g. vim they have different commands to change the file. If your on a command line and want to edit a file I suggest that you use "nano -w <filename>" it's great for newbies and its the only one that I really know how to use. If you load it up, it has a list at the bottom of the screen to tell you what you need to do.

As for a 'linux keyboard'

Have a look and see if that answers your question.

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