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Full Version: Networking Redhat 9 With Winxp Pro
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I decided to try out linux again and downloaded the Redhat 9.0 release. Ive got it installed fine on my laptop with only one snag, no internet.

I know the network is being recognized because i was able to browse my WinXP computer and look at the files and folders that are shared on it. My internet is dsl and ive got it set up where the dsl runs into my main computer with a 2nd NIC connected to the network and using windows internal network sharing function. Im not exactly sure how to share this connection with the linux install on my laptop. Like i said it recognizes and works on the network but it doesnt seem to notice or use the shared internet connection.

Is it even possible to run this setup?

Thanks for any replies in advance!
Yeah, I think I might know what it is. You need to set up your laptop to use your main PC as a gateway. So instead of just looking 'out there' for the internet it looks says route via " (your main PC's address)"

You might need software to do this. I know when I was using windows 98 and trying to do this I had to get Naviscope to do this, however, i've never tried doing this with different OS's. Your distro mite even have the stuff you need in/on it. I know it can be done but don't know how. But maybe just this info could help you on your search. Someone who knows more mite also come in and know what to do.

Happy huntin'

At least now i know it can be done, ill see about setting the ip stuff up manually or getting that Naviscope program and see if i can get it to work.
Naviscope is a windows prog, so i'm not sure if it'll work on your linux machine. But it sounds like all you need is to get linux, weather direct or through a programme to tell every programme to say okay I need to get 'on-line' through this address. There's prolly about 100 different linux progs that'll do this for you if your distro can't do it itself (it would surprise me if there wasn't a way to get your distro to do it itself).

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