Hi All,

Complete Newbie here, so please be gentle. I am forcing myself off all MS products and will accept as much support as anyone is willing to give me. It is all extremely appreciated.

I have a Dell PE2900 with a 6 disc PERC RAID5 array. Everything is fine, FC16, all logical discs mounted including the PERC RAID array which is showing as one logical volume. Using KDE.

The RAID array shows up in Dolphin with just the usual lost+found, but I cannot create any folders or move anything to it - the "Create New" is just greyed out. I am quite sure it is a permissions thing, but I need some guidance here to get this. I have been looking through the forums, however I believe this is a pretty simple problem so may not be answered by the experts. Can anybody assist here?

Much appreciated from a desperate to learn Newbie.