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Full Version: Getting Usb Cd-r Drive To Work...
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Hi, this is not urgent but if someone could please help me out with getting my External (USB) CD-R drive to work. I have looked up a lot of stuff on Google and can't find anything that helps. I have tried the command 'cdrecord -scanbus' and it does not even see the device. Yes it is plugged it via usb and connected to the power. I was talking to someone before about it and they said try to get it to read as a SCSI device. I am not really sure what to do, but like I said it is not making me lose any sleep at night so if you don't know either, don't worry. Thanks a lot. and also if you need any more information on my system let me know what and how to find that information out for you.
There is lots of info at

What distro are you running.

Look at the output of dmesg command and see if anything shows on USB device.

Post the output of lsmod so we can see what USB modules are being loaded.

Yes it will be a scsi device.
well thanks michaelk, I will check out
I am running Red Hat 9. I do not see anything that says anything about USB in dmesg. I try lsmod and it says 'bash: lsmod: command not found'. so I don't really know what to do there. I found the man page for it on google but that is all. like I said its not urgent so if I can't get it its no big deal. Thanks again though, and I am going to check that site out now. I will try to keep you posted.
*edit: looks like I am going to recompile my kernel for scsi support, I thought the default kernel pretty much included everything (yes I know it wastes ram) like scsi support. I still do not know why lsmod won't work.
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