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Full Version: Redhat 9 And Msi 815ep Pro-r Motherboard
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I'm getting set to dump windows and install Redhat 9. Umm, well the thing is I have this flakey onboard RAID controller on my motherboard, the Promise Fasttrak 100 Lite. Microstar makes no linux drivers for it, and Promise doesn't make any that say they are specifically for the Lite, only for Fasttrak 100. And even at that, they only support up to version 7.3.

So, umm, A) is there some compatibility list somewhere on Redhat's site that would possibly give me info, and B) Even better, would anyone here have or known someone to have installed RH9 on this motherboard?

I know I can install it if I don't use the RAID controller but it surely would be a waste of hardware not to. :(

P.S. I should mention that I don't plan to run a RAID array, just single drives. But for some stupid reason, the controller makes you turn even a single drive into a RAID 1 array to make it useable to the system. Otherwise it won't even be detected by an OS. Oh, how I miss my Highpoint controller!
Here is the Hardware compat. list I would just give it a shot and if it works great if it won't well, at least you tried. If you have space in your case you should just get another drive (you can get some pretty cheap yet nice ones today) and put that nice RAID controller to work laugh.gif good luck and if you need anything else don't hesitate to post (after searching of course).
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