I use dvips all the time. It is a program that take a dvi file and change it to a ps format.
The default when entering
dvips file.dvi
is sending the resulting ps format to the printer.

I would like the following as the default: a ps file is created called file.ps
(This was the the setup in the old system.)

Since I don't know much about setting up aliasis with many levels of quotes, I don't have a simple solution. The best I can come up with is

1) copy dvips to mydvips in my own bin directory (it is in the path)

2) create a file called dvipssource with just one line
mydvips -o `basename $1 .dvi`.ps `basename $1 .dvi`.dvi

3) alias dvips 'source $HOME/dvipssource'

How do make it a one-liner? The following doesn't work

alias dvips 'dvips -o `basename $1 .dvi`.ps `basename $1 .dvi`.dvi'