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Full Version: Create Log-in File Help Me
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I need help on how to do the following: Thank you

Create a Linux batch file that at login time would set up your session’s environment so that the following “new” commands could be used for the standard Linux operating systems commands. Test the file to make sure that it works. Append this batch file to the above-mentioned Word file.

A. System prompt is changed to YOURLASTNAME

B. Ultrix commands are replaced by the following (=> means replaced by)

1) file copy => fcp

2) file rename => frn

3) file delete => fdl

4) create directory => cdr

5) change directory => dchg

6) display contents of a directory => dcd

7)delete directory => ddel

8)display date and time => ddt

9) go to mail => gml

10) logoff => out
Just to clarify, you just want to add a new user to your system, and change the commands?

Would it not be easier just to learn the correct commands, which are infact easier to learn than the ones your are suggesting.

To add a new user type;

"useradd <username>"
"passwd <username>"

Then follow the password instructions.

To change the commands, I have no idea, it must be possible but might be complex.

If you would like a list of the cammands that you are changing to your custom ones, i can help you with that;

1. File copy = "cp <filename> <newfilelocation/filename>

2. File rename = "mv <filename> <newfilename>"

3. File Delete = "rm <filename>"

4. Make Directory = "mkdir <dir name>"

5. Change directory name = "mv <dir name> <new dirname>

6) display contents of a directory = "ls /<dir name>"

7)delete directory = "rm <directory>"

8)display date and time = unknown

9) go to mail = "<name of mail programme>

10) logoff = "logout"

I figured it out. YOu have to know which shell you are using. Then to create a new log in file you would use at the prompt

vi .bashrc
(note you may want to download the vi commands)
Once you are in vi, you must hit I for insert(you will see the word insert at bottom left hand side)
and to change the prompt you would type
exprt PS1="New Prompt Name"
Next you would hit escape key and shift zz
Then you have to log out and log back in.
Thanks that's great

Does that solve all your problems? How did you get to rename the commands? I'd be real interested in knowing.

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