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Full Version: Maps Dul Blocking
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Does anyone have any good ideas for refusing to accept mail from Servers/ISP's that use MAPS DUL? I am getting very sick of having mail from my legitimate domain being refused simply because my service provider chooses to assign ip addresses by dhcp (the address never changes it just makes it easier for the isp to assign addresses)

I want to come up with a way of checking if the Incoming mailserver would accept mail from my domain. If it doesn't refuse the mail with an error to the user of why i am refusing their mail (A$$hole ISP) and to perhaps think about moving to an isp with less restrictive (and stuped) ways of filtering mail (like bayesian filters).
I'm sorry, i'm being very thick here, it's late, i'm tired so it's hard to understand what you mean.

What are you trying to do?

1. Are you trying to refuse mail from servers using Maps Dul?
2. Are you trying to get mail from from your ISP that uses Maps Dul?
3. Are you asking what ISP's have less restrictive mail accounts, with less filters?
4. Are you asking why your ISP is refusing to pass on mail to you when the sender doesn't get an error message?
5. Are you trying to work out where you e-mails are going and work out a way to pick them up?

I'm new to this whole linux thing, but if I could understand which question you are asking of the above, or if I've misread it completely and your trying to ask something else, would you be as kind as to ask it again.

I'm trying to come up with a method of refusing mail from servers that use MAPS DUL (or any other DUL) from sending mail to my server.
the reason is that if i cant send mail back its pointless having that person send mail to me in the first place.

i can see two ways of doing this (but have no experience implementing either)

1) some form of code plugin to sendmail that will check to see if the server would accept a test message before accepting mail.
2) create a dns based anti-DUL RBL server and use the standard scripts within sendmail to reject servers that are known to reject mail based upon DUL

option 1 would be quicker if one could find a surefire way of queying the sending server at to its mail reception willingness
option 2 would be more difficult because one would have to populate the database with known mail refusing hosts. Also the cost of hosting and bandwidth may make option 2 prohibitive unless there is a way to have it "user supported"

Sorry, but this seems a bit out of my league, I wanted to clarify the question to see if I could help, but I can't.

But I'll wait and listen and try to learn when someone who knows comes along!

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