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Full Version: Gnome Freezes On Login
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Since yesterday, I've not been able to log in under my regular user account. I'm using Gnome on RedHat 9. When I log in, the RedHat splash screen pops up (the one where the icons appear across the bottom) but it gets stuck after displaying the icon for Metacity window manager. I've no idea where to start looking for a solution (config files etc) so I was hoping a solution could be found here. I can log in as root fine, so I assume it's something wrong with my dotfiles in my /home directory.

Any ideas?

yeah I had this happen some time back too (only with 8.0) Um, I never found a solution but you could try to login with a different account (I think when you have the save setting thing when you logout, it messes stuff up) and just copying all your files to the new user you just logged in as. Thats the only thing I did, never was able to fix it. hope that helps.
You could try editing your default session, replacing metacity with sawfish (assuming you have sawfish) or, in a pinch, twm (GNOME will complain that twm isn't gnome compliant).

Or, if you don't care about your metacity defaults (window theme), you could log in on the console as the bad user, and try a:

rm -r ~/.metacity

GNOME stalls for me frequently. I usually just keep deleting dotfiles until it works.

Hope this helps.
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