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Full Version: Problems With Hostname
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I am a psedo-newbie running RH 8.?.
I have adelphia as a ISP with DNS.

Typically my hostname usually stays the same for
~ weeks to months. But then it changes. Typically
this has not been a problem. However just recently
my name changed but *somehow* the machine is
booting with an old hostname, so the printer
daemon is failing to start so when I try to print
I get:
"Get_local_host: hostname 'nh-kingston1b-288' bad ".

Furthermore, some software programs that I run (IDL)
need the proper hostname to match up with their license
If I type in ifconfig, My inet addr is
set to the correct address but that does not jive with
what my system thinks is the hostname.

I can manually set hostname to the correct name, start
all the the print and license daemons, but I don't
understand why in the boot process, hostname is not being
set correctly. What is going on?
Help! Thanks....

Choose a hostname for yourself, say "linuxbox".

Edit the file /etc/hostname and replace what's there with "linuxbox".

Edit the file /etc/hosts and add the line (or edit one that exists) " linuxbox.localdomain linuxbox"

This should resolv "linuxbox" to your local machine no matter what your internet address is.
Thanks for your reply.

I do not have a /etc/hostname file.
I am not sure if I can just create one??

I added:
to the end of my /etc/sysconfig/network file

As well as editing my /etc/hosts file.

I also had to run hostname linuxbox.
I edited my IDL license file and that seemed
to hold as well.

Things seem to be working now. I am still puzzled
why the thing suddenly changed; ie it was fine for
many months and then suddenly hostname was no longer
being set properly during boot....


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