Hi - I'm having a problem getting an nvidia driver installed on my backtrack release. I'm running Backtrack 5 R1, and my kernel version is I'm trying to install a developer driver, devdriver_3.2_linux_32_260.19.26. At first it wouldn't install because of the nouveau driver, so I managed to get that in the blacklist and solved that problem. Now i'm still getting an error and not being the most adept person with Linux I am having trouble deciphering the error message in the log file. I *think* my problem is that the driver i'm trying to use is older and maybe not supported by the kernel I have? Not sure on that, as I said I am not that well versed in this. Here is what I did to try and install it, following some directions that I thought would fix the problem I was originally having:

At the terminal I typed prepare-kernel-sources
typed cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/
I then did an apt-get install linux-headers-
I logged out at this point so that X wasn't running
Switched to the dir of the above driver file, and ran it using --kernel-spurce-path='/usr/src/linux'

Installation begins but then I get the error message. I'm linking to a pastebin since the log contents are too long to post.