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Linuxhelp _ Reviews _ Fedora Core 4

Posted by: Hemant Oct 18 2005, 01:27 PM

Fedora Core 4 is the brand new Linux distro in Fedora series from Redhat staple.

The package comes with Gnome-2.10 and KDE-3.4. Many packages has been removed to Fedora Extras, which can be simple installed using:

#yum install <package_name>

Yum now, uses Sqllite as the backend, so performance is little faster.

1.Problems i had while installing:

- I installed FC-4 from a DVD, and later i found that DMA was not enabled in either DVD Combo or in my hard disk. So took ages to install. But as i was installing from DVD, so i just put the DVD and slept. smile.gif

- X was not working out of box. I had to edit the file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf", and put Vesa instead of i810.

2. How i solved them:
Frankly, i had tons of problems while installing, but this is because i was installing it on a brand new Acer Laptop, with all the latest hardware, like PCI express and all. You may not face these problems. I would like to mention that "Ubuntu" and "Mandrake" installer CDz didnt boot at all.

- I had to edit some kernel C files manually for DMA to work and i compiled kernel 3 or 4 times. But yeah.. finally its working. Gentoo forums where a lot helpful.

- I got the latest snapshot of graphics drivers for my Intel 915GM chipset from, for proper functioning of my Graphics card.

3. On how FC-4 fares against other distros

FC4 is pretty good for new users as well as power users. You have Eclipse,Kdevelop,Glade-2 like softwares bundled. So, even if you are missing some packages, you dont have to go on the net.Most of the packages are there in your DVD/CD.

Though all the packages are bleeding edge, but they are not extensively tested.FC-4 is the first distro to use GCC-4.0 as the default compiler. This sounds cool. But it can break many downloaded apps.

I was not able to use latest Firefox,Acrobat Reader-7.0,Opera downloaded directly from the respective websites, because these softwares were written on GlibC-5 and FC-4 comes with glibc6. So, i had to do "yum install firefox" to get the latest version of FF. RPM package for AR was not working, but tar package seems to work. Opera is having some plugin problems.

But, i hope these packages will soon catch up with latest version of GLIBC.

I am still using FC-4 and writting this post from FC-4 machine.

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