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Linuxhelp _ Reviews _ Fedora Core 2 Test 3

Posted by: hughesjr Apr 30 2004, 06:24 AM


1. I downloaded the DVD iso from the link and burned it to a DVD.

2. Unlike FC2 test 1, it booted from the DVD on my PC ... but like test1, the console graphics were hosed up. This is related to the Video Card (GeForce 2 MX 400) in my test machine ... and happens with several 2.6 kernels. So I had to do:

linux vga=792

3. I made it to the graphical install screen, it looks just like all the latest RedHat (8/9) and FedoraCore screens.

4. I picked a custom install and to manually partition.

5. The Custom package selection is also the same as RedHat 9 / Fedora Core 1. You can choose categories and then edit specific files inside each category. There are also a full install and a minimal install. The custom packages I picked to install totaled 3.2 gb.

6. The graphics card configuration didn't happen until the first reboot...I'm not sure what happens if it can't detect your card.

7. This includes the version of X (xorg-x11-6.7.0-0.5) as a replacement for XFree86. Fedora (as well as several other distros, including Mandrake) will no longer use XFree86 due to the XFree86 license becoming too restrictive (in the opinion of those distros).

8. There were already 51 updates to the program .... after the updates, here are some of the versions of packages for FC2 test3:


9. My system hung up on the first reboot after updates ... and korganizer hung on shutdown of the program.

10. When installing the NVIDIA proprietary drivers, I had major problems. The computer hung on the first shutdown after installing the NVIDIA drivers. The system would not properly boot with the NVIDIA drivers installed (It hangs when initiating glx). Switched back to the nv driver and began searching for the problem.

With the new kernels in FC2 Test3, the fix from is no longer possible. See this entire to see why (you can no longer turn off the 4STACKS.

I want to use NVIDIA drivers as much as the next guy, but it certianly isn't the FC2 design team's fault that NVIDIA hasn't fixed this known issue in several months ... and since the driver is not open source, no one else can fix it. I'll just use the nv driver. Since the 4STACKS will not be an option in the mainline kernel after 2.6.6 either, I would think NVIDIA will fix it soon. I'll post here, if and when I find that the NVIDIA driver works.

11. SELINUX is now disabled by default ... which I would have done if they hadn't. You can control this in the file /etc/sysconfig/selinux.

12. Other than the couple hangs noted, I have tested most workstation items and haven't had any other problems. (Evolution, Mozilla, OpenOffice, Samba, etc.).

I will test some of the server features and update this later.

This install feels much better than FC2 test1 or test2 (as expected).

Posted by: Joey Apr 30 2004, 04:21 AM

It's a shame they didn't plan on having Fedora Core 2 fully released by the end of life for Red Hat 9. Now I have to sit with an "outdated" server for 3 weeks.

Posted by: Hemant Jun 9 2004, 07:55 AM

I installed Fedora-core2(Test 3)...last is rocking!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I had some issues..
1.By default the mixer settings were set to zero..and thus during the soundcard configuration i thought my sound card is not recoginsed.But finally solved.

2.During installation it gave a warning saying..your partitions are not aligned( because of using other partitioning tool..Hell i haven't used any partitioning tool..).I ignored the error and proceeded to install.

3.Contrary to other RHL versions i was using(from 7.0 to FC1)..when i shutdown the computer..FC2 turns off HDD and processor.Where as in other installations..after shutting down the computer i had to manually press the halt button of CPU..only then cpu was turned off.
I think if i want old thing back i will have to disable ACPI.But what's it all about??

4.After installtion, i installed some fonts on the system..though all of them are working fine..but one particular font (fixedsysttf) is not working.It is displayed in xfontsel but all the applications can't use it.But i was using the same my previous RHL-9.0 installation,without any problems.ANy ideas??

Well apart from that everything is fine..GIMP-2.0 is ultimate..they have changed the appearance of Nautilus.But one more thing i notice is everything is now more some 500mb,qt-200mb.
well that was not the case with earlier installation.THe whole installtion was some 6.12gb...and it comes in 4CDZ.

I have the sources four seperate CDZ.But installtion was really fast compared to RHL-9.0.

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