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Linuxhelp _ News _ Workshop On Gnu/linux

Posted by: Hemant Jan 3 2005, 01:44 PM

Hello friends,

I as a core member of GNU/Linux user group trichy,is glad to anounce that we are conducting a three day hackers workshop at NIT Trichy,Tamilnadu,India.

The event is a mostly for power users and programmers.We have software professionals from various organisations(such as Novell,Redhat,Infosys)taking several topics..

Linux Kernel Device Drivers,
MONO, the free .NET framework
Bonobo,and the GNOME component model.
KParts, DCOP, and the KDE component model.
GUI Hacking with GTK.
GUI Hacking with Qt.
Embedding Guile into applications, for adding scriptability.
A case study of GIMP/Scheme.
I18N, l10n, GNU Gettext: HowTo.
Writing Plugins for real world applications. eg: XMMS plugin
A CVS, GNU Autotools, writing RPM Specs.

You are welcome to participate in the event.The registration charges are 5$ biggrin.gif (if i convert rupee to Dollar).But for those of you,who are from outside India ,travel expenses could be killing.

If you are not able to come,i would encourage you do start similar things with your local LUG.

For further information,you can check out our webpage at..

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