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Linuxhelp _ News _ Octave-gtk

Posted by: Hemant Oct 12 2004, 11:54 PM


First of all...sorry for self advertisment.

Our project(I mean i am involved with this project) is up on

The aim of the project enable users to do GUI programming using octave language.We are even planning to add support to Glade.
Version..0.0.1 has been released and first GTK program in octave language was written.

Checkout our site..

Posted by: Hemant Oct 17 2004, 10:53 PM

Time for more fireworks...
Those of you..who have used GD library..must be awed with it's power and simplicity(for ignorant ones...GD is a library for drawing different geometric shapes,graphs..etc.)

We(the gtk-octave team) have wrapped up GD library successfully for use with Octave.Now you can write all your GD programs in Octave language.(Again for ignorant ones...octave is much more simpler than C.)

Check out this link...

Mail me..if you find any bugs or something...

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