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Linuxhelp _ News _ Busiest Month Ever (by A Wide Margin)

Posted by: hughesjr Apr 1 2004, 07:55 AM


I just wanted to post that we just had our busiest month ever on in March 2004. We had a 35% increase in traffic and page views.

Thanks to all who are participating (both in asking and answering questions).

I personally am having to leave for work about 1.5 hours earlier than before, for at least the next couple of weeks (maybe longer), so I am not able to provide the same level of time I have in the past. I will try to answer any questions that don't have answers as often as I can.

agian, thanks

-Johnny Hughes

Posted by: Termina Apr 1 2004, 08:38 PM


We shall consume your bandwith. happy.gif

Posted by: Jim Apr 4 2004, 09:19 PM

We will try to pick up the slack you leave behind, but it will be hard to fill your slack. Or is the expresion fill your shoes? Either way, we will try.

Having been here for almost nine months now I can really say I have noticed a vast increase in the action on the forums. Its no longer just newbies asking questions and John answering them. We now have a better comunity of more people sticking around to answer questions. Thats great. Its what is going to make this sight work. There is no way one person can handle an incease of 35 percent in traffic wile leaving for a work 1.5 hours earlier (wow, you really are a nerd through and through aren't you? Its ok).

I enjoy this forum and I hope we can continue to build a comunity where not only can people get tech support but also talk about general things that we as linux nerds enjoy.

Posted by: Corey Apr 7 2004, 10:07 AM

Well, it appears that in the future i will have more free time to be answering questions. I'm in college right now, but the course i'm doing is Microsoft Office troubleshooting, which pretty much consists of "if it breaks, just re-install it".

The only problem I have is that i'm on a Windows only system in school, and I would install Linux on it, but it's the domain controller for my classroom. mad.gif I find it difficult answering questions unless i have direct access to a linux box, but i'll still try.

All i knows is that it's much better to have the amount of people we have now answering questions then it was in the begining with me and joey answering questions all the time.

But, as co-admin of the forums, I would like to thank each and every one of you that have taken the time to answer even the smallest of question, weather you know it or not, you are building on a community and you're helping people more than you think.


Posted by: chrisw Apr 7 2004, 10:31 AM

i know how you feel duende....back when it was just joey and you...i was kinda around when i was freakin hard to try and answer all the questions all the time....kinda nice to
have the others around to help now a days....

Posted by: Jim Apr 7 2004, 01:09 PM

Well since I am taking physics1301 (review of highschool physics) I basically have an hour every morning to sit in class and answer questions. Problem is I am on my mac so its a little hard to answer questions, but I do it anyways.

Its cool having more people answering questions because not only does it take the work load of you guys, but you get your questions answered faster, which when you are really in a bind, is nice. I love this forum because with out it, I would still be using windows, or at best having a flakie hardly working linux system. O wait, neither of my systems boot right now, but we are working on that, thats what is great about this forum. I can destroy my system, and than have you guys help me rebuild it.

Posted by: Termina Apr 26 2004, 02:17 PM

It's true, this is a great forum. biggrin.gif When I go to college, what I've learned here should help me with any linux classes I have to take. happy.gif

It really needs an IRC channel though... ;-_- And if they got that up, they could put up a guide of how they got their IRC server working with services. biggrin.gif

Posted by: chrisw Apr 26 2004, 06:19 PM

it has a irc channel....i just have to say i havent been there in a while...but its been kinda slow when i was on.

Posted by: Jim Apr 26 2004, 06:39 PM

Maybe thats because no-body has any cluse about it. We have an IRC channel? What where? *confusion*

I know there used to be one with a tech on it, but I thought it got shut down.

Posted by: Termina Apr 27 2004, 12:49 PM

Same here, that was my impression. biggrin.gif

Could you give us the server name?

Posted by: Joey Apr 27 2004, 04:27 PM

The IRC channel was decommisioned. We used to hang out in #linuxhelp on but I don't even think its registered anymore.

Posted by: Termina Apr 27 2004, 09:29 PM

Ah, there's a #linux channel there

I'll hang out there, see what kind of people are there. If it's full of the typical zealot bastards, I'll leave. If it's cool, I'll stay. happy.gif

I'll tell you all how it seems to be. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Corey Apr 28 2004, 07:54 AM

When i first met Joey and his gang on linux zealots it was on Dalnet in #redhat (i believe). We later moved over to #linuxhelp . From what I remember, we used to have around 10 ops and usually somewhere between 10-15 users hanging out there most of the time (minus the two bots, CoreDump and PerlGirl). After numerous frustrations with the Dalnet servers and their netsplits, we moved over to Blitzed because one of the #linuxhelp regulars was an admin on one of the servers on Blitzed (i forget who now).

We also had a brief stint on Freenode (then called OpenProjects) in channel, but that didn't last long at all.

I for one would love to see IRC come back, but not for technical support. As i stated in my original greeting in the Tech support forum, IRC was good at times, but these forums are a much better way of helping users. Besides, we would definitly have no free time if we answered all questions on IRC, and we'd be constantly repeating ourselves. Creating the user forums was one of the best ideas Joey has ever come up with smile.gif

I'm always on IRC anyways if anyone wants to find me:

EFNET: #goodtimes, #mapleleafs
FreeNode: #gentoo,#livid,#mythtv-users
EnterTheGame: #urbanterror

#goodtimes is my home chan, so, if i'm not there, then i'm not online. Just ask for corey, and someone will direct you smile.gif We always have random people dropping by to say hi, so feel free.

Posted by: Termina Apr 28 2004, 02:04 PM

Agreed, forums are much better for tech support. biggrin.gif

But with IRC, you can idle, and the real time thing is hella convient.
(Example: Me trying to convince some people here to get starcraft so we can have some matches) happy.gif

If anyone wants to hang out in my channel:
/server -m -j #UnhandledExceptions

thedigitaldream is a pretty good place, and has a channel (#aso I think, don't quite remember the name) that has a few cool people in it that are into linux. Besides that, it's nice and small. biggrin.gif

Perhaps we could make a #linux channel there

Usually 5-8 people on my channel, depending... my community kind of died after my game server went offline, which is understanable. wink.gif

Note about that other #linux channel: It seems to be dead. =/ Too bad. lest came by to say hi, though sadly I was gone then. ;-_-

Sorry about that. =D

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