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Posted by: hughesjr Feb 14 2004, 09:21 AM

I came across a new LiveCD called ... It is a live CD that is based on Mandrake 9.2. It is slow (as all CD Based distros are), but what I like about it is that it has a very complete install because it is a compressed disc that uncompresses the files on the fly. This allows 2gb of data on the disc.

The distro includes X server, KDE 3.1.4, Gnome 2.4 and Fluxbox, and large packages like OpenOffice 1.1 final and Mozilla 1.6 plus plugins.

It is beta software ... especially the install to hard drive ... but it is a very good and full featured demo to show your friends.

Posted by: hughesjr Feb 14 2004, 10:06 AM

Actually, I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this distro ... after installation to the hard drive, it is a very functional Linux workstation with most everything a home user would need already installed including Evolution for e-mail ... 1.1 as an office product ... Mplayer and Xmms for MP3's and Videos (mp3's worked as installed) ... web browser Mozilla 1.6 (with Real Player, MozPlugger, Shockwave, and Java plugins pre-installed) ... CDRecord to make CD's ... GNOME and KDE configured nicely ... and it is preconfigured with apt-get and synaptic to do software updates.

The package smbK4, for connecting to samba shares, is the easiest way that I have seen to connect to and use windows shares in Linux.

It installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers not the XFree86 ones ... and it also contains the proprietary ATI drivers as well ...

I think that after a couple more upgrades when the installer is just a bit more polished, this will be an outstanding install for the windows desktop user who wants to use Linux....

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