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Linuxhelp _ News _ Guide Updates!

Posted by: Joey Sep 19 2003, 09:07 AM

I've been feeling a little guilty lately because some (well most actually) of the guides on our <a href="/guides/">Guides Page</a> haven't been updated in 3-4 years. Since I have the day off and it's rather stormy out due to Isabel I'm going to spend the day going through them and updating where needed.

Some of the guides should probably be removed but I've gone through the server logs and there are lots of people still visiting them. Anyhow, since there is over 70 guides on the page, I really need your help. If you've written a guide that's on the page, please please update it.

So far I've updated:

Apache Guide - Fixed links, re-wrote some sections, added additional info for the virtual host section.
Bash Prompt Guide - Fixed the layout so that it actually works now.
Bind Guide - Created a new tarball of zones. updated the examples and version numbers.
BitchX Guide - Cleaned it up a little, added red fonts to commands to match newbies page etc. Removed info about our IRC channel.
Cron Guide - Totally re-wrote it. added new examples and cleaned up old ones.
Eggdrop Bot Setup - Minor updates, updated versions etc.
htaccess Guide - Totally re-wrote it, edited the paths etc.
IPTraf Guide - Minor updates, fixed links, version numbers, added info about
Linux Security Guide - rearranged the topics, added new info and cleaned up the text.
MailMan Setup Guide - Minor updates, re-wrote a few paragraphs, updated version numbers etc.
PPPoE Setup Guide - completely rewritten.
Tripwire Setup Guide - Fixed paths, updated versions, re-wrote a few paragraphs.

Added a new section for external links - Moved unix cd compatability list from /guides/cdr/ to off site link and set up redirect.

I'll be updating this post with my progress over the course of the day. I'm serious though, if there was ever a time where I needed help, it's now. If you have new guides that you've written (Vince this means you), please send them to me and I'll post them.


Posted by: Joey Sep 19 2003, 04:12 PM

duende has added a Tv Tuner Guide to the list - check it out at

Posted by: Joey Sep 20 2003, 08:19 AM

duende has updated his alternate adsl setup guide and his licq guide. smile.gif

We're getting closer!

Posted by: Joey Sep 20 2003, 08:29 AM

My buddy Vince over at Lansystems - has donated 2 new guides.

One is for setting up Qmail on Debian. You can find this guide at

The second guide is for setting up Debian as a log server. You can find this one at

Thanks Vince! wink.gif

Posted by: chrisw Sep 21 2003, 09:13 PM

im about finished with a sendmail-imap-ssl guide
although i will be posting it in sections..

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