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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ screen hard to read in current distros

Posted by: hayden Dec 21 2011, 09:53 AM

I have been using Mepis 8 happily but the repositories are dated. For example, I think only long discontinued printers are supported. Anyway, I have been trying recent distros and finding most are much harder to read than Mepis 8, Puppy 2, Win2k or XP or 98, etc. Invisible scroll bars are one problem, but it's much broader than that. For example, old OSs had button labels, button tips, and app. text clearlyu distinguished, but now these seem to all run together. In one case I got a big menu with subheadings with white text on black. I select the submenu I want and its background turns white and now the menu text is white on white. The general issues is low contrasst. On this list I see tiny light grey text on a white or light blue background. OK, I accept age and 20/30 vision could be part of the problem, but I can still read all those old OSs just fine. Sometimes after an hour or two of Googling I can figure out how to fix one tiny issue, but is there any broad cure? Like an option to roll back the interface to 2001;-) Or a distro that puts more emphasis on being usable at the expense of fewer concessions to the fad de jour in looks? Accessibility menus seem to address other issues and changing themes seems to just change which elements are unreadable. . Any suggestions are welcome.

Posted by: lenting Jan 9 2012, 01:46 AM

This one is going to be a CentOS 3.x,CentOS 4.x vsftpd guide.

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