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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Any 'agetty' gurus know about the special @, #, characters?

Posted by: 0Paul0 Oct 5 2011, 07:32 PM


I have a Linux appliance that I cannot log into through the serial port. The reason is that the password contains one of these characters: @, #.

I went into single user mode to see what they are running and it is agetty. The manufacturer assures me this works fine and that #, @ do not perform the delete functions that the agetty man page lists during the login process. They indicate nobody else is having this issue.

Well, 3 laptops, 3 terminal emulation softwares later and cross checking with other devices such as a BIOS redirect to serial and an old modem (plus two null modem cables) it works fine on all but the appliance's agetty where it is a backspace (much like the man page suggests).

As a final test I ran agetty on tty7 on my Fedora 14 and same results. That would seem to eliminate the laptop, cable, software, serial port, BIOS.

So, ignoring the fact that it seems to say in the man page this is the correct behavior for those characters does anyone know if # or @ can be used over an agetty session? Is there any way to escape the character so it'll accept it? It seems you wouldn't even be able to enter an e-mail address if you can't somehow enter the @ symbol...

I've searched and searched and reread the man page a few times but cannot find how to enter those characters without them performing their special behaviors.

Any ideas?


Posted by: 0Paul0 Oct 6 2011, 12:54 PM

They sent me a new appliance and I was able to login fine... so the part about the password field interpreting # and @ seems to be correct since they still backspace otherwise.

I guess that just leaves the question of how to use those characters elsewhere.

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