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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Please guys, i need help regarding USB booting. PLZ

Posted by: samurai99 May 25 2009, 04:54 AM

Ill keep it short, simple and sweet.

I want to be able to boot kubuntu portably off my Transcend storejet 250GB and for it to be able to retain settings, preferences etc. (persistent install)
My comp is USB boot compatible.
I have partitioned my USB drive into one 5 gb (for kubuntu) and a 245gb (for portable windows apps etc)
Using the Kubuntu 9.04 live cd i installed it on the 5gb partition whose file system is ext3.
I set my BIOS to boot the storejet first.
but nothing happens, the cursor just keeps blinking :-( and it never boots.
help please, in essence when i plug the storejet into any computer (it should be portable) i want to be given the choice of booting kubuntu from the usb or the preinstalled OS from the internal hard disk.

what do i do? ive looked all around for a long time, for the solution to this specific issue, cant find anything on target.
help guys.

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