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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Dummy X11?

Posted by: nmn May 5 2009, 11:45 PM

Okay, so I'm trying to help a friend write a game server for a Linux box. Previously she used Windows servers with Delphi - No problem, of course, Lazarus will do the job. Unfortunately, Lazarus programs, as Delphi ones, obviously require a window so we can't really run programs it produces on a server without X11.
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Basically, we need a dummy X11.

I need to build X11 on a Linux server and run it in virtual framebuffer mode or something similar. I tried but to no avail - Googled across the net and I can't figure out exactly where to begin with building X11. I'm trying to build it for a 32-bit Ubuntu server running atop a VPS. From here I'm running Kubuntu on Virtualbox (because the only native Linux-running box i have is OpenSuSE 64-bit and crosscompiling is annoying sometimes)

Can someone tell me where to begin? I don't generally build large software. The Linux kernel is easier to build than this. I'm not asking for a step-by-step, just a hint as to where i should throw my effort at or what i need to build to get it up and running.

Another solution would be to have a dummy GTK. Now, I could do this given enough time (I know enough C to do so) but I don't know if building X11 might be worth it. (since the chances are that building a minimal implementation of GTK that does nothing but still returns data that won't cause a segfault is a little more than i feel like doing tongue.gif) If GTK already can be built to do that, then sorry for this question. I just don't know how to do that. (Although building GTK for framebuffer or directfb is easy...)

As well, the X11 installation is going to be isolated from the main part of the OS. (Libs will probably need to be loaded using LD_LIBRARY_PATH.) I'm not going to be allowed to install X11 via the Ubuntu package management. (Although, if you know how to get the needed libs and X11 isolated from an existing Ubuntu installation, then that would work too. I don't know much about Ubuntu..)

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