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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ screwed up fstab, now can't edit it

Posted by: manuginobili May 2 2009, 06:40 AM

Hi I'm a newbie. Basically, I installed Fedora 10 on my aspire one, I chose to enable the encryption option, and lately I've been playing with fire editing things I don't know much about, fstab to be precise. Well, I wanted to mount my /home directory in another partition but I screwed up, so now I can only start the computer, enter the password and get an error message that says the filesystem is corrupted or something like that.
In the shell I tried to edit the /etc/fstab and eliminate the line that messed all up, but it says it is read only so I can't save. Tried sudo and it says you have to be in tty to do it. Please, help me to solve the problem. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: manuginobili May 2 2009, 09:11 AM

Ok, after more than an hour trying things I found in google if you type in repair filesystem
mount -w -o remount /
then you can edit the fstab and save it.
Still don't understand why I couldn't save the file before, it was mounted rw
Anyway thanks

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