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Posted by: JBones Apr 20 2009, 07:21 PM

I'm about to get myself a very cheap laptop. Possibly a Dell Latitude CPI, 350mhz, 128mb RAM, 6.5gb HDD etc.
My plan is to simply have it as a word processor for my office (free of the distractions of the Internet and other apps).
All I want it to do is use a Linux distro that boots up and instantly fires up a bog standard word processor that is able to open files and save them, and hopefully have access to a USB drive at the same time so I can transfer my work.

Does anyone know of a method that would be plausible for me to do this? i.e. suggestions of which Linux distro to use, and how I would go about setting it up?
The kind of thing I'm looking for is just something that will boot up and go straight into an app such as the word processor PyRoom instead of booting up in to a Gnome/KDE environment.

Any suggestions would be gladly received smile.gif

Posted by: michaelk Apr 21 2009, 06:19 PM

A lightweight distribution like zenwalk might a good choice. I believe that pyroom is a text editor and there are many text editors available. It should be possible to start an application on boot up.
zenwalk uses xfce which is a lightweight GUI vs KDE or Gnome. Of course if you do not want a GUI at all then you can boot to the Command Line Interface (CLI) or console.

Most linux distributions are available via an image file that can be burned to CD/DVD. This creates a installation disk whereby you can install the operating system. If you desire to create the CD/DVD in Windows
then you will need Nero or some other similar application. Isorecorder is a free windows app that can burn a disk image too. Disk images typically have an iso extension.

Posted by: JBones Apr 26 2009, 05:25 PM

Thankyou for your advice, michael. I think I have decided what I wish to do now.
PyRoom, is a word processor. It is a very BASIC word processor, but it has, as far as I'm aware, a lot more features than your standard text editor. It is based upon WriteRoom for the Mac.
What I want my linux to do is not boot into a GUI, but just go straight in to PyRoom. I am not sure how easy/difficult this is going to be, as it needs Python installed to be able to work. I've had a look at Zenwalk, but I'm not 100% sure about using that yet if there is something even simpler I can use.
It will be a necessity I think to able to have PnP USB pen drive access, as I will need to be able to save my work on to an external device too.

Posted by: michaelk Apr 27 2009, 07:10 AM

From looking at the requirements for PyRoom it requries GTK and XDG which are bindings that interface the GUI. So I think you do need a GUI.
It is possible to have PyRoom autostart at boot time.

All recent linux distributions support USB drives.

Damn Small Linux might be another good choice.
Python can be installed if it isn't by default on just about any linux distribution.

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